Hydrowool substrates

Hydrocorp import and distribute the Hydrowool range of highest quality agricultural specific stonewool from Japan.

Our range is a premium substrate choice designed for use with high value greenhouse crops like roses, gerbera and tomato.

Hydrowool is available as a granulated stonewool, and also as formed stonewool propagation grow slabs, cubes and seedling blocks.

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Hydrowool seedling blocks

About Hydrocorp

Hydrocorp Pty Ltd. was incorporated in 1995 and is located in Adelaide, South Australia.

Hydrocorp has been distributing Hydrowool agricultural specific stonewool substrates in Australia for more than two decades.

Hydrocorp was first to package liquid fertilisers using the bag in box method, and first to incorporate aminos and surfactants in liquid fertilisers.

If you have any queries about our range of agricultural specific products, please contact us.

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